Thaer Abdulkarim is a passionate and experienced dog trainer with over 20 years of experience. As a certified dog trainer and animal behaviorist, Thaer has honed his skills in various areas of dog training and behavior modification.
Thaer’s love for dogs extends beyond just training them – he has also dedicated himself to rehabilitating rescue dogs and providing them with the necessary training to lead happy and fulfilling lives.
Thaer’s expertise extends to assisting in the training of police dogs in obedience, a testament to his skill and knowledge in the field of dog training. He has even titled and certified several of his own dogs in Schutzund and police work, showcasing his proficiency in the area.
As the owner of Ultimate K9 Training, Thaer provides top-notch dog training services to clients seeking to enhance their relationship with their furry companions. His specialization in obedience training, combined with his versatility in other areas of dog training, makes him an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a reliable and experienced trainer.

Thaer’s approach to dog training is rooted in his belief in the importance of developing a strong bond between the dog and the owner. He understands that each dog has unique needs and personalities, and he tailors his training methods accordingly to ensure the best possible results.
Overall, Thaer’s dedication and passion for dog training shines through in his work, making him a highly sought-after trainer in the industry.


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