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Dogs are one of the best animals to keep as a pet. With the right kind of training, your dog obey to the commands you give. There are multiple dog training the owner can indulge their dog into such as hand signals for dogs. This is one of the best kinds of training for dogs as it is unique and it serves a unique sector of society. It is easier to communicate with the dog as well. Opting for dog training hand signals will provide more benefits as it will make training easier for people as well. Dogs are better learners according to their breeds and they take on different kinds of hand signs with ease. Therefore, the majority of the training will result in using dog give hand signs to create an effective output. 

There is no fault in teaching your dogs any verbal commands as all of these combined will make your dog more known for the actions it needs to do. Hence, the response rate of your dog will be high once it knows both the verbal commands as well as hand signals. However, training dogs with hand signals is an important task as well that needs to be fulfilled. There are also different kinds of benefits that come when teaching these hand signals to dogs. Some of those benefits will want you choose this type of training. Therefore, you can continue reading to find out why you need to give hand signals dog training below. 

The importance of hand signal training for dogs 

Training dogs can be a hard and complex task but, most importantly, it is time taking. There are tons of different methods how you can enforce various training on dogs but it will always end up in making a custom and a mixed set of methods. That is because every dog is different and unique in their own way. Hence, if your dog already knows how to obey verbal commands, then why not go for hand signals for dog training? It is not only important for them to rely on different kinds of verbal commands but hand signals also make them prone to carry out commands easily. 

There are different reasons why hand signs for dogs are important. The major reason is if your dog has low hearing aid. If your dog cannot hear well then obeying verbal commands will be a problem for your dog. Your dog will not be able to listen probably, especially if you and your dog are in a crowded and in a noisy environment. Hence, this will create problems and your dog will refuse to listen to you and which will make the situation more chaotic. Therefore, it is best to give your dog training for hand signals so that they can easily obey the commands even during a noisy and a rush environment. 

Moreover, for dogs who are deaf, hand signals for training dogs are a must. That is mainly the only way they will be able to get to understand what you are trying to tell them. Hence, using hand gestures is a unique way and it will also ensure that dogs understand it completely without needing verbal commands. It is also seen that for dogs, understanding hand commands is much easier rather than obeying verbal comments. They find it easier for them to understand the usage of hands to give them commands which is why dog training hand commands is a must for all kinds of dogs. This was seen in a study that shows that dogs responded and obeyed quickly to hand commands 99%. 

The different kinds of hand signs you need to know for your dog 

There are various commands you can teach. However, the best way to do this will be to choose military dog hand signals because they are more strict and regular with the training. Hence, it will be easier for them to train your dog how you would like to in a short period of time. The most common ones should be known to a wider population so that they can tell their dogs to obey regular commands to ease the situation at a faster rate. Some of those hand signals are.


For the heel, you will tap your hip with your hand. Another way for the heel is to create a circular motion with your hand by your hip. This will portray your dog to heel. 

Look at me

This is where you will signal your dog to get their attention and then use your fingers to point towards your eyes. This will make your dog look at you. 

Drop it 

This is where you will action that you are dropping something by opening up your palm with your hand out so the dog can see it. 


To make your dog sit, you will first put your hand in front of your chest and then bend your elbow slowly while raising your palm to your face and over the head of your dog at the same time. This will indicate your dog to sit. 


You will act like you are going to stop someone by having your hand in front of you 

Lie down 

To make your dog lie down, you will hold your finger out in front of you and then rotate it while pointing to the ground. 


You would want to call your dog from far away. Therefore, you will keep your arms above your head. After this, you will move your arms in circles. It is a big gesture that will allow your dog to see it even when it is far away from you. 

The training process of hand signals 

There is always a great way of dealing with puppy training hand signals. However, it is important to know that hand-training dogs take time like any other training session. There are different methods used but all of them will not develop an understanding of dogs instantly. It is a time taking process and there will be regular needs for dog hand signals sessions.